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▲ A large number of students left Guangzhou for the night, suspected that they could not buy tickets and were forced to sleep at the station. (Photo / face from Weibo)

After the “blank paper revolution” broke out in China, all parts of China responded to the concepts of “democracy and freedom” and “Xi Jinping stepped down”, and people “holding a white paper” can be seen in many places. However, in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, in the face of a possible “global blockade” situation, many schools suddenly asked all students to leave school last night (29), which led to ridiculous scenes of students carrying luggage and crowding the streets, including the roads quick. There were a lot of traffic jams, and there was also the dilemma of not being able to take the bus at the station. Many people were forced to live on the ground. The image of students sleeping on the street instantly spread on the Internet, which was unbearable.

A large number of students suddenly received an order from the school yesterday to leave school and go home. A large number of people returning home immediately appeared on the streets of Guangzhou, and the picture was chaotic.

▲ Guangzhou residents fled Guangzhou, and the national highway was crowded with cars outside the city.

According to Twitter “Ms. Lee is not your teacher” andPost WeiboIt appears that last night in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China, many students including colleges and universities received sudden requests from the school to leave the school. As a result, the roads near the school were crowded with students and vehicles, and even the station was crowded with people eager to go home. , In addition, since the students received requests to go home “without warning”, several people hurriedly left with a suitcase, and the picture looked quite chaotic.

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A large number of students left Guangzhou in an emergency last night, and a long line of people can still be seen at the station today.  (Photo / face from Weibo)

▲ A large number of students left Guangzhou in an emergency last night, and there are still long lines of people at the station today. (Photo / face from Weibo)

As for the school’s claim that students should return to their hometowns? According to the information provided by netizens on the intranet of South China University of Technology, the principle of leaving school and returning home is “there is no special reason or necessity to stay in school, in principle, go home as much as possible, and do not return to school without prior After-school alarm.” The school-leaving method is for the students to independently choose the way to go home. In addition, some online schools have asked students not to accept interviews with foreign journalists whose identities cannot be confirmed when they return to their hometowns, in order to prevent the content of the interviews from being distorted.

A netizen introduced an official statement from South China University of Technology,

▲ A netizen introduced an official statement from South China University of Technology, “There is no special reason or necessity to stay in school. In principle, we should go back to our hometown as much as possible. After leaving school, we will not go back to school without notice.” (Photo / face from Weibo)

There is no official statement on the real reason for the rumors circulating on Weibo and Twitter that many people ran away at night. At present, only Guangzhou officials said at a press conference on the afternoon of the 29th that Zhang Ye, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission, said that in order to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, many provinces have recently collected the epidemic prevention and control situation in Its jurisdictions to dynamically adjust and strengthen social prevention and control measures. Timely acid testing strategies to reduce the flow of people and reduce the risk of an epidemic. This includes advocating for a home office, or implementing a flexible working system, and reducing movement and grouping of people; and strict control to maintain a wide variety of activities; Continue to do a good job in the field of personal protection.

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Footage of students leaving Guangzhou for the night went viral, and some Beijing students asked:

▲ Scenes of students leaving Guangzhou during the night went viral, and some Beijing students asked, “The school in Beijing has dropped me off at home. Does Guangzhou let me come back?” (Photo / face from Weibo)

Regarding the situation in Guangzhou last night, netizens said, “The 30th day is the expiration of the original blockade notice, and a new notice will be issued, which is sure to be more rigorous.” Today’s press conference of the Guangzhou Health Commission said that the epidemic situation in Tianhe City Village Very serious.”Like Haizhou, why do all universities in Tianhe issue notices to go home overnight”, “No one escaped because they were afraid of the virus, but because they were afraid of the lockdown policy”, “The lockdown is even worse. Today I can still go out for a walk, and the streets come to explain tomorrow if I don’t give it up, I can only go grocery shopping for two hours, and the water has already filled the road.” Among them, some students who were planning to return to Guangzhou said, “Is it Can I still go back to Guangzhou? School in Beijing bring me home. Will Guangzhou allow me to return?”

Full video of Guangzhou students getting away overnight: