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Since protests against measures to eliminate the new crown broke out in several cities in China last week, Guangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing have loosened control, respectively. Chinese leader Xi Jinping also said in a meeting with EU officials that Omicron is less lethal and paves the way for more flexible epidemic prevention and control.

According to the latest data from the National Health and Medical Commission of China, on Friday (December 2) there were more than 33,000 new confirmed cases of new crowns in China, of which asymptomatic infections, which exceeded 29,000.

Xi Jinping replied

European Union officials said Chinese leader Xi Jinping blamed mass protests in Chinese cities on youth frustration with years of the new crown epidemic, but said the current variant of Omicron paved the way for fewer restrictions.

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Cities in China have begun using rapid antigen tests to replace nucleic acid tests, but the results of antigen tests are not yet widely recognized officially.

According to Reuters, a senior EU official, speaking on condition of anonymity, outlined the main points of European Council President Charles Michel’s visit to Beijing. Michel met Xi on Thursday along with other senior officials of the European Union.