A wall of fire breaks through the cornfield and a man suddenly emerges from the flames fleeing from a ruthless element. Reuters has released an exciting video from the Spanish province of Zamora. Spain is ravaged by massive fires.

Dozens of large forest fires destroyed SpainEspecially the northern and western parts. The element intensified due to strong winds, and on Monday it approached the borders of the city of Tabara in the Zamora province. There, several groups of firefighters, propped up by the air, encounter raging flames.

The residents also went to fight the fire. To prevent the spread of the fire and save their homes, they moved their excavators and tractors to farmland that consumed flames to dig trenches – the barriers between the city and the pressure element.

The man escapes from the wall of fireReuters

man on fire

Reuters has released a dramatic video from Tabbara. It shows the excavator walking along the fence behind which a massive fire broke out. At one point, the car plunged into thick smoke and then disappeared into the fire.

Moments later, the fire was carried out by a man – the driver of the excavator. A man in burning clothes escapes from the wall of fire, stumbling every now and then. In the next shot, a firefighter appeared and rushed towards him.

According to Reuters, the man in the video is Angel Martin Arjuna, the owner of a construction warehouse in the city of Tabbara. A friend of Joan Lozano said the man suffered severe burns and was taken by helicopter to hospital.

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“Fire can digest anything, absolutely anything.” Reuters quoted Lozano as saying that it was not achieved thanks to the professionalism of the firefighters and the people who had the balls to protect us.

fires in spain

On Monday, the largest fires occurred in Galicia, in the northwest of the country, as well as in the autonomous regions of Extremadura and Castile and Leon in the west, where about 1,000 people were evacuated in the morning.

More than 200 people were evacuated Sunday night in the province of Barcelona, ​​northeastern Spain, as firefighters battle a large forest fire in the municipalities of Pont de Villomara and Rocafort. According to the estimates of the independent Catalonia government, nearly five thousand people have been evacuated in this region as a result of the fires that have continued since Thursday.

Main image source: Reuters