Boris Johnson The Council of Ministers will be informed this afternoon, before unveiling a new three-level system for the locality Corona Virus Monday restrictions.

The new system, which angered the leaders and councils of the North England, Is expected to prevent millions from mixing at home and abroad and force thousands of bars to close.

Came to form Robert GenericThe Minister of Housing rejected calls for more financial support for regions affected by local restrictions, arguing that “the national debt is rising” and the government “cannot do everything” to protect all jobs.


Questions have been raised about the government’s failure to calculate the £ 3 billion spent on coronavirus contracts

Concerns were raised after new figures showed the government had failed to account for the £ 3 billion spent on private contracts since the coronavirus lockdown began.

The numbers came as three lawmakers from different parties and the Good Law Project, a legal not-for-profit organization, began legal action against the government over its failure to reveal details of its spending during the pandemic.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and Debbie Abrahams of the Labor Party and Liberal Labor MP Leila Moran presented a judicial review against the government for violating the law and its own directives.

Although the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) disclosed at least £ 11 billion of contracts awarded since April, new analysis shows that more than £ 3 billion of these contracts have not been made public.

DHSC said that due diligence was implemented on all government contracts that were awarded.

“What we know about government procurement practices during this pandemic is of real concern,” said Julion Mugam QC, director of the good bill.

“Sometimes it seems that the main qualification is political engagement with key government figures.”

He added, “We do not know what else can be discovered because the government is deliberately concealing the public.

“We were left with no choice but to press for transparency through the courts.”

Conrad DuncanOctober 11, 2020 15:15


Scotland has reported nearly 1,000 new cases of coronavirus

Scotland recorded 956 new confirmed cases of coronavirus during the past 24 hours, but there were no deaths, according to official statistics.

The number of new infections decreased from 1,009 on Saturday and from the highest level recorded on Friday at 1,246 positive test results.

The Sunday figure represents 14.9 percent of individuals who newly tested, up from 14.1 percent on Saturday.

A full UK case data is expected later today.

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The minister said Ireland plans to introduce coronavirus testing at airports

Ireland’s health minister said Ireland plans to introduce coronavirus testing at airports as part of a possible alternative to quarantining some incoming passengers.

Under the European Union system to be signed next week, travelers from areas with very low levels of the virus will be placed in the “green” category and allowed to travel without restrictions.

Other areas will be listed as “amber” or “red” with governments to enforce restrictions.

Stephen Donnelly, Ireland’s health minister, said the hypothetical position would be to require travelers from “red” and “amber” areas to restrict their movements.

However, the government is working on plans for a test that could allow some passengers to avoid quarantine.

Donnelly said in an interview with RTE Radio that testing at airports “will happen because it is required as part of the protocol,” but declined to specify a time frame.

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Johnson is making a phone call to cabinet, in a rare move ahead of new restrictions

Boris Johnson has a phone call with cabinet ministers this afternoon as he prepares to introduce a new three-tiered system of domestic restrictions related to the Coronavirus.

The prime minister’s decision to brief cabinet members on Sunday is a rare move and comes at a time when northern leaders have expressed their anger at the economic impact of the additional bases in their regions.

Mayors and council leaders in the north have warned that local economies could be “shattered” as a result of sweeping new restrictions due to be unveiled in the House of Commons on Monday.

Johnson is set to announce measures that will likely include bars and restaurants being forced to close across northern England and preventing millions of people from mixing inside and out.

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In response to a viral video of an impromptu cricket match in South London last night, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that a review of the 10pm curfew in bars was “urgently needed”.

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The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in India has exceeded seven million

The total confirmed coronavirus cases in India have surpassed seven million, as health experts have warned that masks and distant burnout are occurring in the country.

The Ministry of Health has reported another 74,383 infections in the past 24 hours, with India expected to become the country most affected by the epidemic in the coming weeks, overtaking the United States.

Another 918 deaths were also reported, bringing the total deaths in India to 108,334.

“This is linked to the population density and diversity in our country and the social and economic challenges in our country.”

However, some experts have warned that the death toll in India may not be reliable due to poor reporting and insufficient health infrastructure and testing.

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Premium: How Spain fought an earlier pandemic with children as ‘human vaccines’

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Spain drew attention to an unprecedented journey in the 19th century to fight smallpox in the country’s colonies, according to Laura Manring.

You can find the full story below:

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Impromptu cricket on London Street attracts crowds after a 10pm bar curfew

Pubs and restaurants have an impromptu cricket match on a London street after venues were forced to close at 10 pm last night.

The video of the game, which was played at Rye Lane in Peckham, was widely shared on Twitter, calling the incident a “happy moment”.

Our reporter, Tom Batchelor, Has the full story below:

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Earlier in the day, Housing Secretary Robert Jenric insisted that “nobody is punishing the North” when asked by Radio Times if London would see tougher measures next week.

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Manchester MPs have written to Boris Johnson to warn that all bars and restaurants will be closed because transmission of the coronavirus mostly occurs in homes and student residences, according to Manchester Evening NewsJennifer Williams.

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