The family of George Floyd, an African American who is about to begin his death, has been settled by the government of Minneapolis in the United States.

George Floyd dies in the United States. Recording of settlement with the family

On Friday, March 12th, the Minneapolis Council unanimously approved a settlement under which the loved ones of George Floyd would receive $ 27 million in compensation. According to The New York Times, this is a record amount paid in connection with a case involving police crimes as part of a pre-trial settlement.

Out of the $ 27 million settlement, the family decided to donate $ 500,000. Dollars to the Minneapolis neighborhood where George Floyd was killed.

“We all need this agreement so we can gradually start closing this terrible chapter,” said the deceased’s brother, Rodney Floyd, after the deal. “George’s legacy, for those who have loved him, will forever be his optimism and belief in the possibility of always solving problems.” “We hope this deal will improve the situation in Minneapolis,” he added.

As the Floyd family’s attorney noted, the settlement with the Minneapolis authorities was well received. “The tragic death of George Floyd, as seen by millions around the world, has unleashed a deep demand for justice and change,” said lawyer Ben Crump.

George Floyd died. The trial in the United States is about to begin

This is not the end of the court battle after the death of George Floyd. A policeman accused of murdering an African American will soon face a jury in the United States.

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A recording has been published showing a tragic event for the network. Before his death, George Floyd said: “I cannot breathe” – these words became the slogan of the subsequent protests that broke out not only in the United States, But also many other countries of the world.

ródło: “The New York Times”