Losing weight is a lifelong vocation for every woman, even doctors are no exception! An Xinyu, a beautiful doctor from the Department of Family Medicine at Chiayi Christian Hospital, has been working with fat for more than 20 years and has gained 80 kg. Finally, through scientific weight loss, she successfully lost weight to 49 kg, and her body fat decreased from 24% to 17%. She became a very attractive figure, represented by a beautiful doctor with super beautiful lines. What is the doctor’s secret to losing weight? How do you successfully lose weight without gaining the weight back?

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During the weight loss process, the repeated weight loss is usually muscle, and the weight gain is fat

An Xinyu said that when she was in middle school, because of the high pressure of exams, her family often expressed her love through “feeding”, so her weight rose to 80 kg, which made it difficult to buy clothes, even 2L size pants. She didn’t want to look better and began to control her weight until she entered college, but the wrong weight loss method made her lose weight again and again, full of frustration.

Medical science has found that in the process of losing weight, the weight is repeated. “Usually muscle is lost, and what is regained is fat.” Xinyu explained that she had tried wrong ways to lose weight before, such as dieting and eating only apples, faster, but regaining weight is easier.

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211 Ways to Lose Weight Choosing a high-quality protein is key

Diet and exercise are the only keys to successful weight loss! In the face of various weight loss diets, An Xinyu highly recommends “211 Plate”! She said that she relied on Plate 211 to lose weight, and Plate 211 turned from the “Harvard Plate” developed by nutritionists at Harvard School of Public Health, but Plate 211 can lose weight faster.

First prepare a round dinner plate with dark green vegetables: protein: starch = 2:1:1. An Xinyu emphasized that the choice of protein on the dinner plate is very important, you must choose high-quality protein, beans and seafood are the first choice, and Eggs and other meats are also acceptable. In addition, the diet should also be based on typical foods as much as possible, so as to know the calories and nutritional value, especially now that many foods are rich in calories and low in nutrient density, which is completely unsuitable for losing weight.

Beans contain protein and omega-3s that the human body cannot manufacture on its own, and they can also give you a feeling of fullness. Soft tofu and flatbread are good choices. For seafood, you can choose octopus, etc. It is low in calories and rich in protein. If you want to eat fish, you should focus on white meat fish. Other types such as eggs and white meat are also available.

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Weight loss tips “proper relaxation” can be applied for a long time and not gain weight

An Xinyu bluntly said that many people have myths when they lose weight, hoping to lose weight quickly through an effective way to lose weight, but in fact the most important thing to lose weight is to find a way to lose weight that can be implemented in life for a long time, and can eat Enough, no longer fat. And use some tips to make losing weight painless, like eating a comfort meal once a week, and going on a low-carb diet after a big meal to keep your calories in balance.

The most important thing to lose weight is to control the diet. It is recommended that people adjust their diet first. If they already have exercise habits, they can continue to exercise; And if they do not have exercise habits, they can start exercising after losing 5% to 10% of their body weight. Exercise can help prevent weight gain.

“Weight loss is a pyramid, and the mentality is the most important precondition.” In the end, An Xinyu also encouraged people who want to lose weight, don’t make yourself sad because of what others say, think that you can change through learning, and you must take care of yourself.. Take care of yourself, the most important thing to losing weight is not the number on the machine weight, but finding a habit that can maintain a good life for a long time.

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