Mariana, a patient of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine dubbed by the Russian army, gave birth to a healthy baby girl Thursday evening, Suspilne journalist Olha Tokariuk, who contacted the woman’s family, reported on Twitter.

“Mother and baby are fine, but Mariana told her family that it is very cold in Mariupol and the bombing is endless,” the journalist wrote.

And the Russians bombed, on Wednesday, a maternity hospital in Mariupol. The city council announced the complete destruction of the building. Shortly after the attack, the Russian embassy in the UK tweeted and on Facebook that the facility was not operating as a hospital but being used for military purposes. Both entries have been deleted by social media officials.

Mariana is a light-haired woman with a large pregnant belly, photographed by the Associated Press during the evacuation from the hospital building.

The Russians shot at a psychiatric hospital. “Genocide”

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