Pictures of dogs appeared on the Internet, photographed by residents of the vicinity of Nizhny Novgorod (city on the Volga River, capital of the Volga Federal District, in the European part. Russia). The animals have caught the attention of the locals because their fur is blue.

The Russian agency RIA Novosti describes that the color of the animals depends on the region in which they live. The dogs were found in a deserted area Factories In Dzerzhinsk, where for years hydrocyanic acid and acrylic glass have been produced.

The company declared bankruptcy in 2015 and many buildings have not been monitored since then. RIA Novosti interlocutors indicated that the dogs may have come into contact with copper sulfate, which is why their coat is blue. This is the most likely hypothesis because copper sulfate turns the solution blue when it reacts with water.

After the pictures spread around the world, it became clear that local authorities were in talks with those responsible for the closed plant. They intend to carefully examine the origin of the color on the dogs’ fur.

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Sources: RIA Novosti, Moscow Times