QS, a British higher education survey agency, released the 2023 Asian University Rankings today. There are 47 universities and colleges in Taiwan that entered the rankings, of which 9 are in the top 100. Taiwanese universities are the best performers, ranked 19th in Asia and the only ones in Asia. The top 20 universities and colleges are from Taiwan.

NTU is the only university among the top 20 universities in the UK’s QS Asian University Rankings. (Central News Agency)

According to the ranking data from QS, Taiwan’s top 100 universities and colleges in Asian universities are National Taiwan University (ranked 19 in 2023 and 2022), and National Cheng Kung University (ranked 36 in 2023, ranked first in 2022).41). , Tsinghua University (ranked 38 in 2023, ranked 34 in 2022), Yangming Jiaotong University (ranked 43 in 2023, ranked 47 in 2022), Taiwan University of Science and Technology (ranked 59 in 2023), 50 in 2022 ), National Taiwan Normal University (70th in 2023, 61st in 2022), Taipei University of Technology (73rd in 2023, 76th in 2022), Sun Yat-sen University (80th in 2023, 68th in 2022), Taipei Medical University (97th in 2023, 95 in 2022).

According to the QS 2023 Asian University Rankings, the top 5 universities are Peking University, National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University of Beijing, University of Hong Kong and Nanyang Technological University. It is followed by Fudan University and Zhejiang University, both from China, which are linked in sixth place, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in eighth, and University of Malaya, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tokyo University in Japan, which are ranked ninth to eleventh. The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Yonsei University in South Korea are ranked 12th, followed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Korea University of Science and Technology, Korea University of Science and Technology, Kyoto University of Japan, and University of South Seoul. Korea, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, National Taiwan University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan from 14 to 20.

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According to QS analysis, compared to 2022, in the 2023 Asian university rankings, 28 universities and colleges in Taiwan will fall, 14 will remain unchanged, and 4 will rise. Yilan University entered the ranking for the first time, ranking 601-650 in Asia.

QS noted that according to a survey of more than 151,000 researchers from different countries, in the “Academic Reputation” index, Taiwan University ranks eighth in the “Employer’s reputation” index, according to the “Academic Reputation” index. to In a survey of more than 99,000 employers in different countries, the University of Taiwan was ranked 14th in Asia. In terms of “International Research Network”, two Taiwanese universities entered the top 100 in Asia, namely National Taiwan University (ranked 23) and National Cheng Kung University (ranked 99); In the “number of citations per paper” (in terms of research impact), there are also two Taiwanese universities in the top 100 in Asia, namely National Taiwan University (ranked 81) and Tsinghua University (ranked 84).

Overall, Taiwanese universities and colleges performed well on indicators related to cross-border student exchange, but did not invest in research collaboration, productivity and impact, according to QS.

Ben Sutter, Senior Vice President of QS, also warned that although Taiwan’s top universities and colleges still perform well in Asian university rankings, Taiwan’s education system faces significant challenges related to population loss, so it is necessary for Taiwan to promote internationalization Create conditions to attract international students to Taiwan, such as offering more English language courses.

Responsible Editor: Yu Weining