At a White House press conference, Presidential Adviser Joe Biden said Friday’s conversation demonstrated Western unity and confirmed it The United States and its allies agree to impose “similar sanctions” on Russia in the event of an invasion, as well as bolster NATO’s eastern flank and support Ukraine with arms supplies.

Russia is looking for an excuse

Sullivan said that US intelligence has no information on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has already made a decision to resume aggression against Ukraine.. But he added that the risk of invasion increases with the influx of new troops near Ukraine.

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– We are not saying that Putin has already made a decision (…) We do not know if Putin has made a decision, but there is a great danger that he will soon – emphasized Sullivan. . added Russia is “looking closely” at the possibility of creating a pretext for the invasion of Ukraine.

I judged it Reports that Putin has already made up his mind, according to the White House, are false. This information was provided, among other things, by PBS Television and CNN. According to CNN journalist Christian Amanpour, citing sources in Europe, Biden is said to have told other leaders that Putin has decided to engage in military action and that it may happen next week. In turn, Bloomberg reported, that the attack, in the opinion of representatives of the US administration, may occur as early as next Tuesday.

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Kiev may be in danger

Despite denying these reports, Sullivan urged US citizens in Ukraine to leave the country within 24-48 hours. He added that in the event of an attack, Kiev could be in danger, and that the Russian attack would most likely start with bombing and missile launches.

– (Aggression) Possible It begins with aerial bombardment and missile attacks that can of course kill civilians of any nationality. Sullivan said a subsequent ground invasion would include a powerful attack without warning. – This may be a more limited process, but there is also a very real possibility that (it) will involve the occupation of large areas of the territory of Ukraine and the acquisition of large cities, including the capital – assessment of the presidential adviser. He added that the attack could occur before the end of the Beijing Olympics on February 20.

harsh answer

Sullivan warned at once Russia said that if it committed renewed aggression, it would face a unified and harsh response from the United States and its allies, which would lead to a significant reduction in Russia’s standing and prestige, as well as increase Moscow’s dependence on China.

During Friday’s talks, no decision was made to activate the 40,000-strong NATO Response Force, a White House representative said. Including about 8.5 thousand soldiers. American forces.

Allies unanimously

The official announcement of the interview published by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated that The leaders agreed on the importance of coordinating efforts to discourage Russia from launching further aggression against UkraineIncluding by preparing to impose severe consequences and painful economic costs (…) and further enhance the defensive deployment of forces on the eastern flank of NATO.”

The talks urgently called by the White House on Friday were attended – with the exception of Biden and Andre Duda – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romani. President Klaus Iohannis, as well as the President of the European Commission and Council, Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The President of the European Commission said at the meeting that In the event of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, EU sanctions will affect the Russian financial and energy sector, as well as exports of advanced technologies – The press service of the commission stated in a statement.

Concluding the conversation, the British Prime Minister’s office said Johnson had told leaders he was concerned about Europe’s security because of the situation in Ukraine. – (Prime Minister) stressed the necessity of NATO allies have made it very clear that a package of severe economic sanctions will be imposedThe press release stated that if Russia made a devastating decision to invade Ukraine.

The conference took place against the backdrop of increasingly worrying signals about Russian military activity around Ukraine. According to CNN, the American services estimate that Russia may lead to an escalation even before the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing, and that the target of the attack may include Kiev. President Joe Biden and Chief of Diplomacy Anthony Blinken called on American citizens to leave Ukraine. Japan, South Korea, Israel, Great Britain, Latvia and the European Union.