Write off millions – and have fun doing it!

Berlin- In the “scenic atmosphere” of the “Landgut Stober” hotel, the heads of the RBB have been giving advice since Sunday on how the luxurious and glamorous broadcaster can save 41 million euros. This does not go down well with the staff.

“Slow down, relax, feel good,” announces Stober’s property on the Großer Behnitzsee. “It’s a magical place.”

RBB director Katrin Fernow, 49, couldn’t resist the temptation. On Sunday, she arrived with her managers and (main) heads of departments at the Conference Hotel near Nauen (Haviland).

RBB Director Catherine Fernow (49)

Photo: Christophe Gatto/dpa

It all started with a relaxing dinner at the Seeterrassen restaurant. On the menu: braised venison leg, pheasant breast or sea bass in savoy cabbage (26.50-29.50 €).

► Following the BILD report, a Vernau spokesperson said, “The director pays for the dinner out of his own pocket.”

Ordinary RBB employees have to pay for the company’s Christmas party.

“We have always conducted our exams in the RBB rooms in a cost-conscious manner,” says an annoyed Christoph Holcher, representative of 1,400 freelancers. “We do not want to judge whether an organic hotel is a necessary and appropriate framework for discussing radical cuts in the program and in the income of freelancers.”

The head of the RBB does not want to save on 2,000 permanent employees. Instead with the TV show. You have to think about whether the third program should continue to be broadcast around the clock, Fernau said.

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After the overnight stay (120-220 euros per night), the RBB bosses wanted to continue advising on the course of austerity on Monday. The hotel charges 74 EUR/extra person for the meeting room.