• The President of KAS, Magdalena Rzeczkowska, participated in the virtual session of the General Assembly of the Organization of European Countries for Tax Administrations (IOTA).
  • The meeting took place on the 25th anniversary of the organization, on June 30 – July 2, 2021.
  • was the main topic الموضوع WithEnsuring the most effective use of data in the era of tax transparency.

The General Assembly of IOTA was organized in cooperation with the Hellenic Tax Administration, whose chair was the President of IOTA. This year’s meeting was attended by more than 200 delegates, including heads of tax departments of IOTA member states, representatives of the European Commission, international organizations and institutions, as well as academia and businesses.

During the meeting, a number of administrative decisions related to IOTA’s activities were taken, elections for legislative bodies for 2021/2022 were held, a new Executive Secretary was elected for a three-year term, and South Korea became a new member in the organization and theme of the General Assembly for the next year.

During the technical session, the launch of the Virtual Tax Administration Development Training (VITARA) under a joint initiative of CIAT, IMF, IOTA and OECD was discussed. Representatives and IOTA partners from the CIAT, IMF, OECD and ADB presented the results of data collected in 2020 as part of the International Tax Administration (ISORA) survey. This session provided a benchmark for the advantages and potential areas where tax administrations can benefit from ISORA data. During the meeting, various perspectives on effective use of data in order to effectively protect tax compliance and combat tax evasion were discussed.

Growing international interest in the benefits of tax transparency and information exchange is key to promoting international cooperation. By facilitating global cooperation between tax authorities, it will be possible to support jurisdictions in the fight against tax evasion and its avoidance and in the fight against aggressive tax planning

Magdalena Rzekowska confirms.

During the session, you will learn how tax administrations in Austria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are applying new technologies, and how to find a balance between data protection requirements and their effective use.

During the technical session, experiences of ensuring the most effective use of data in the era of tax transparency were discussed. Representatives of the European Commission, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the International Monetary Fund discussed the latest achievements in addressing the tax challenges arising from the digitization of the economy. They provided updated information on the implementation of the International Standard for the Automatic Interchange of Financial Account Information for Tax Purposes, including the opportunities provided by the extensive use of data analytics for guiding and transforming tax administrations.

The perspective of entrepreneurs in terms of tax data exchange requirements was also presented. Business representatives addressed challenges related to compliance with requirements for secure data exchange and expectations regarding the processing and use of tax data.

Article on the IOTA website: Celebrating 25 years of tax excellence


IOTA is the European organization for tax administrations in 45 countries. The main objective of the organization is to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences between tax departments and technical assistance in the modernization of tax administration and systems, including taxpayer service, human resource management, and voluntary tax compliance.

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The General Assembly meets once a year.