It has emerged that people hoping to travel from the Bradford area to North Yorkshire may face police checks.

Officers in North Yorkshire are conducting border patrols in an effort to deter people from Tier 3 areas crossing into the county.

The use of ANPR in the operation has also been confirmed.

The Bradford area is one of the Tier 3 regions that shares borders with North Yorkshire, to the north of Keele and south of Skipton.

Border patrols have been criticized, with some skeptics indicating that the force exceeded the target.

T&A readers attacked the Border Patrol

North Yorkshire Police said “enforcement” played a role in their operation, adding: “North Yorkshire Police conduct high visibility patrols along force lines to discourage people from adjacent Level 3 sites from traveling to the area, which increases the risk of infection.”

Superintendent Mike Walker, North Yorkshire Police Chief Response to COVID-19, said: “Those who live in Tier 3 areas are advised not to travel outside the area unless it is necessary, such as for work or education. I understand that there may be some confusion as to what is considered essential in These conditions, so I would like to be clear here; it is not necessary or acceptable to leave the level 3 area and enter the lower tier area for a day trip or to visit a bar or restaurant for a meal. Please also remind you that your class restrictions on travel with you and the police can take action Enforcement against you, if you must breach these restrictions.

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“For those who live in Level 3 areas, please do not try to bypass the tight restrictions in your area by visiting the neighboring Level 2 areas for a day or night out. If you do, you may inadvertently bring the virus with you and increase the chance of its transmission to the local population. .

“North Yorkshire Police will be patrolling actively and will have an increased presence in these border areas and we will monitor Coronavirus regulations. Our fleet of safety cameras, equipped with ANPR, will also be visible along the various roads in the area.”

North Yorkshire is known for its hospitality and warmth, but we now have to ask visitors to stay in their class area for the health and safety of our most vulnerable residents. If you have a planned visit, please reschedule a date by which we can welcome you to our beautiful province. ”