American companies experiment with a four-day work week. Employees get an extra day off, which makes them work more efficiently. As it turned out, this working system is also good for the environment.

The idea of ​​shortening the week work Up to 32 hours is becoming more and more popular in many countries. In the United States, more and more companies are becoming interested in such a solution. Some of them are already experiencing the four-day work week, while others will begin their own experiences in the near future.

A four-day workweek increases employee productivity

Microsoft’s Japan branch shortened business hours in August 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic. This unusual experiment included 2.3 thousand. employees. Effect? Their productivity increased by about 40 percent. – Report to the newspaperJapan Times“About 92% of employees gave a positive evaluation of the four-day work week.

Buffer decided to take a similar step. The social media channel management software manufacturer announced in mid-2020 that 89 employees would be working four days a week by the end of 2020. Their salaries have not been cut. According to the company’s management, the workers participating in the experiment worked more efficiently and were more satisfied with their work. – It was a godsend for us – he said in an interview with the magazine “Atlantic OceanEssence Muhammad, Customer Service Officer at Buffer.

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The four-day working week will soon be tested by English-language crowdfunding platform Kickstarter – Site Reports Axios. The trial is scheduled to begin in early 2022, but it is not known how long it will last and how many employees it will cover.

The Spanish government plans a four-day working week for everyone

Not only individual companies, but entire countries are interested in shortening the weekly working time. Spain as the first country in the world Would you like to take such a test at the national level. The idea came from the small leftist Mas Pais party, which at the end of January submitted a bill to Parliament on this issue, but Spanish The government initially agreed to this proposal. Íñigo Errejón, president of the Más País party, has unveiled a plan under which the government will provide support to companies that will agree to join the three-year trial. Project details are currently under discussion.

According to proponents of the four-day workweek, this solution not only improves productivity, but also increases employee creativity and reduces stress levels. Research shows that this working system is also beneficial مفيد climate. Platform London report showsBritain could thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by more than 20 per cent.