The sharp increase in the number of new infections with the delta-type coronavirus in the UK and Israel indicates that the fourth wave of the epidemic may reach Poland in the second half of August, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Health. Professor Krzysztof Tomasevic, Head of the Department and Clinic for Infectious Diseases at Medical University of Lublin, said on Radio Lublin that its severity and consequences for the economy would be smaller as more people were vaccinated.

– When vaccinating, we also think of entrepreneurs who have had to close their businesses, hotels and restaurants – says Krzysztof Tomasiewicz. – I think that globally, if there are further increases, it will be possible to operate and serve the vaccinated people. We will definitely get to that. And there will be no debate here as to whether it is a human rights violation or is it in line with some ideas, because here we have a lot at stake to decide to make people suffer losses because others don’t want it. – He adds.

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Data from Great Britain confirm that among the 26,000 infected with delta type in the previous day, there are essentially unvaccinated people. A vaccinator has a much lower risk of getting sick, and is less likely to need hospitalization if he becomes ill.

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