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I remember well when I bought my first and so far only Chromebook. I was at the time in Great Britain and desperately needed the cheapest laptop for office work due to my extended stay in the UK. Chrome OS did a great job paired with a fast SSD, and I was very happy with the device. The most important app for the Chromebook was the Google Chrome web browser, which was, in a way, the starting point for most activities. Now, the world’s first non-Chrome browser, optimized for these devices, has been introduced by Opera.

Opera for Chrome OS

The opera announced his release “The world’s first browser optimized for Chromebooks”. Opera for Chrome OS is built on the basis of the Android version. The app offers quite a few features that were not previously available on Chrome OS, including a free and unlimited VPN, ad blocker, built-in messaging, color themes, an ad, a tracker, and a cookie dialog blocker. An integrated portfolio of cryptocurrencies waiting for investors and “miners”.

Opera Chromebook Instant Messaging

Source: Opera

“Chromebooks, with their friendly interface and touch screens, are ideal devices for everyday tasks. We decided it was time for their users to access an alternative browser with a unique set of useful functions” – Comments by Stefan Stjernelund, Opera Product Manager for Android.

Netflix viewers, night readers, and workaholics alike will love the late night Opera for Chrome OS to be eye-friendly. The user can adjust the color temperature by neutralizing the blue light, thus reducing the negative impact of browsing the web at night.

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You can sync Opera on Chromebook with other browsers, whether on desktop computers or on Android and iOS mobile devices. This is possible thanks to the streaming function, after scanning the QR code. Flow creates a personal, encrypted chat where you can take notes, store photos and small files, and save links for later use on any device.

Opera for Chrome is available at متاح this place.

Source: Opera