Panic buyers ignored social distancing rules to compete for deals at Tesco just days before the country’s second shutdown.

It comes as huge queues have been spotted in a number of major supermarkets across the country, with a 1,300-foot queue outside Costco in Essex.

The footage posted on social media shows Tesco shoppers scrambling to approach the shelves as discount food products were on display at the end of the day.

During the clip, a man reaches out across a crowd of shoppers to fetch an amount of goodies from the top shelf while a number of other bargain hunters grab a handful of items from other shelves.

It is not known which branch they were filmed in, but social media users said they saw similar scenes elsewhere.

Tesco shoppers have been photographed wrestling for deals

Someone tweeted, “Last week, I had an old lady walk me up to the junior section even though I didn’t even stop looking at anything. Five minutes later, I saw her buy expensive bottles of wine.”

Another guy posted: “They do it all the time. They did well before Covid too.”

But a third user sneered: “I don’t see anything wrong with this video!”

It is not known which branch they were photographed in

Supermarkets are urging people not to panic buying

The mini section in supermarkets is a magnet for frugal shoppers.

But panic buying has now led some supermarkets to stock up on staples such as toilet rolls, flour and eggs.

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The Tesco supermarket in Ely, Cambridgeshire has put restrictions on staples after stripping their shelves.

Long queues were spotted outside supermarkets and other stores across England ahead of Boris Johnson’s televised announcement Saturday night to announce the second lockdown.

Costco shoppers in east London stock up on necessities ahead of the national lockdown on Thursday

Long lines at another Costco, in Birmingham, on Monday

Since then, photos of bare supermarket shelves have emerged urging shoppers not to panic buying because there are so many in stock.

But despite the appeal of supermarkets, and the fact that food stores will be allowed to remain open during the lockdown period ending December 2, buyers continue to strip some of the shelves.

Plus shoppers Twitter To complain about booking home delivery boxes throughout the proposed closing period.

Long lines and empty shelves were seen in supermarkets

One angry shopper tweeted, “I was silly enough to try to book a Tesco home delivery service today. All appointments are full for a month! Great month.

Another said, “Seriously, there are no home delivery places Embed a Tweet whatever ?? !! Why the hell everyone buys panic again !! ”

Shoppers have also turned their attention to wholesalers who buy in bulk like Costco with witnesses in a 1,300-foot line outside the Lakeside branch in Essex.

Hundreds of masked shoppers lined up outside a Birmingham Costco store on Saturday afternoon before the government announced the shutdown. Birmingham Live Reports.

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Supermarkets are urging people not to panic buying

“Hundreds of people in Costco are queuing for fear of being closed. Over 300 people are still there (at 3 pm),” said one shopper who photographed the waiting list.

“Several tours trail in the basement car park.”

The scenes remind us of those in March when British stockpiling left supermarket shelves bare at the start of the first national lockdown.

Cabinet essentials bought out of public panic including pasta, rice and flour.

Supermarkets were forced to hire temporary employees and impose strict restrictions on shoppers when Boris Johnson He ordered people to stay home, with the shelves left clear of household necessities.

Under the new lockdown restrictions, food stores, supermarkets, garden centers, and some other retailers that provide essential goods and services can remain open.

Hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars, and pubs should be closed but can still provide take-out and delivery services.

However, unlike the first shutdown, alcohol is prohibited.

Non-core retail can also remain open for delivery to customers, click and receive.