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Politicians call for a raid on Schultz

Justice experts from the Union demand a new search for Chancellor Olaf Schultz (64, SPD) in the case!

The reason is the Warburg Affair relating to party donations to the SPD and to waiving millions in taxes during his tenure as mayor of Hamburg.

Cologne prosecutors investigating the files noted that there were indications of a “specific omission” of calendar entries at the Warburg complex.

So far, only Schulze’s official email inbox has been searched. Union Faction Deputy Andrea Lindholz (51, CSU): “Scholz must now disclose his email traffic to investigators.”

Andrea Lindholz (CDU)

Photo: picture alliance / dpa

Since 2014, the state of Hamburg has refrained from collecting €47 million in taxes from Warburg Bank. It must be specified in WhatsApp messages, SMS, private mails.

▶ ︎ Interior expert Stefan Heck (39, CDU): “Calendar deletions are acts of concealment that should necessarily lead to further investigations.” If necessary, the Prosecutor’s Office has the “necessary tools”.

“All Schulz’s emails and conversations should be checked,” says a spokesman for the Hamburg Investigative Committee, Götz Wiese (56, CDU).

There is a former cum scandal

From 2001 to 2016, bankers, lawyers and investors deceived the German state with tax tricks and stock transactions. Through the so-called cum-ex deals, the taxes were twice refunded which was only paid once.

Hamburg Warburg Bank also participated. The role played by the mayor at the time, Olaf Schultz, is being examined.

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Hamburg prosecutors: There is no reason to investigate

Meanwhile, the Hamburg Public Prosecutor dismissed a complaint against the failure to initiate investigations against Schulz and his successor, Peter Chencher (56, SPD).

This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the authorities after “Daily Mirror” Report this.

Reason: Attorney Gerhard Strati (72) filed a criminal complaint against Schulze and Chencher on suspicion of aiding and abetting tax evasion.

There are not “sufficient actual indications to suspect that the suspected tax evasion by Bank of Warburg was knowingly or intentionally promoted by officials of the Hamburg tax authorities,” according to the prosecutor’s office dismissing the complaint on August 10, 2022.

This is exactly what the Hamburg Prosecutor’s Office has seen before. It was argued that the lawyer’s report did not produce any relevant new findings.

It is doubtful whether this will continue to apply after the recent developments in the vice president scandal…

Cum-Ex-Deals: Illegal Profit Smuggling