Pokemon GO

Players are allegedly spending $ 1 billion in 2020 so far, making it the best year yet for an app that lets you capture virtual Pokemon in the real world. Sensor tower Pokemon GO earned $ 832 million in player spending in its 2016 launch year. Spending declined in 2017, but continued to rise during the first ten months of 2020. It is up 11% on the 2019 total, and is 30% more than the first 10. Months of 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly had an impact on Pokemon GO, and developer Niantic has made temporary changes to help Pokemon GO work better for those who stay at home. She recently said she’s removing some of them, But this change is likely due to some of the successes achieved this year, especially for those who live in more rural areas.Sensor Tower also mentioned that Pokemon GO has been ranked as “the # 3 mobile game by global players spending outside third-party stores, such as those in China.” It is located just behind PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings.

To date, Pokemon GO has raised nearly $ 4.2 billion in player spending globally, and the USA proved to be the most profitable with revenues of $ 1.5 billion, or 36.3% of total spending. Japan is second with $ 1.3 billion and Germany is third with $ 238.6 million.

Google Play accounted for the majority of Pokemon GO’s revenue, beating Apple $ 1.9 billion by generating more than $ 2.2 billion. In terms of downloads, Pokemon GO has seen nearly 600 million unique installations worldwide, with the United States ranked # 1 for downloads at 109 million. Brazil is second with 65.2 million and Mexico is third with 37.3 million.Google Play saw 78% of those downloads at 466 million, while Apple’s share was close to 132 million, or 22%.

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To learn more about Pokemon GO, hear stories from around the world who have continued to play Pokemon Go during the time of the Coronavirus.

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