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According to a report by the Autonomy Research Center, remote work has led to a “hidden overtime epidemic,” which particularly affects women. Will there be provisions in the UK giving a ‘right to disconnect’ from the internet?

The Foundation for Intellectual Independence has no doubt that unpaid work is a growing problem at a time when many people do much of their work from home. Women are particularly vulnerable to the negative consequences of this situation on their health and mental state, as evidenced by a previous study by Autonomy, Compass, and the Four Day Week campaign. According to the previous report, the proportion of women increased by 43%. Men are more likely to extend working hours beyond the normal work week. And the feeling of working all the time had a particularly negative effect on the psyche of the woman, who also connected her professional duties with raising children.

The right to disconnect from the Internet – The right to disconnect

Experts point out that as remote work becomes more prevalent, new regulations that give employees the “right to disconnect from the Internet” must also emerge. The point is, employers can’t require employees to be constantly present and, for example, respond to clients in real time just because they have access to the network and work email. In addition to the right to flexible work, there must also be a right to separate. Workers must be able to set healthy limits by disconnecting and disconnecting outside of work hours. In the modern workplace, there should be no room for employees to compromise and set aside time for their families, other responsibilities, or hobbies to meet employers’ expectations. Labor woman Angela Rayner says this is not a sustainable way to run the economy. It was echoed by Andrew Bucks, Director of Research at Prospect, saying: “Other countries have already taken action to address this problem and introduce the right to fire workers. We are also calling on the UK government to act now so that we are not left behind.

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