The United States, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and many other coalition countries are trying to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan. It was reported Monday morning that US forces fired shots into the air to disperse the growing crowd.

Shocking videos from the airport circulating on the internet show thousands of people – including parents with young children – rushing towards planes at the airport. The films also showed people storming the terminal building and scenes in which dozens of people were dragged onto the back of a C-17A military aircraft on the runway.

Foreign embassies have warned their citizens, as well as Afghan nationals, that traveling to the airport is unsafe and that it is only possible to go there after receiving instructions. Embassy staff are flown by helicopter to the military side of the airport, which was secured by American soldiers.

“I see people crying, they are not sure whether their escape will succeed or not. Nor am I – he quotes a fugitive from the Guardian.”

A NATO official said all commercial flights were suspended and only military aircraft were allowed to fly.

Afghanistan under Taliban control

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