Szczecińska spokeswoman Energetyka Cieplna informed Thursday that a broken drain in the heating room was the cause of the network failure, which led to a lack of heating and hot water in the residents of part of the Gumieńce estate. The problems should be over by early Friday afternoon at the latest.

The drainage in the heating room did not withstand the high pressure – as explained in an interview with PAP Thursday, a spokeswoman for Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna, Danuta Misztal. “From Friday, we worked under very high pressure to pump as much heat as possible,” she said. She indicated that such a measure was carried out due to the malfunctions that occurred last Friday at the PGE heat and power plants in Szczecin and Pomorzany.

As reported by Mashtal, the fix is ​​nearing completion and the water will be refilled to the network shortly, but great care is required – it may take several hours.

The failure of the heating network occurred late Wednesday afternoon at the University of Rondo on the left bank of Gomes. The hot water was seeping into the road creating steam and causing driving problems. Not only the residents of the neighboring properties – Ezbet Reda, but also the residents of the faraway properties in the left part of the city did not have hot water and heating.

The problem now concerns the residents of Rida. A spokeswoman for the SEC said hot water and heating will return to the apartments early Friday afternoon.

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