To no one’s surprise, the small-sized streaming platform known as Which It officially shuts down just seven months after it arrived on the site earlier this year. For horror fans, this means Sam Raimi’s horror anthology series50 countries of fear Not anymore, the show squeezes two seasons of content before it starts its main broadcast.

This also means that Junji Ito’s upcoming adaptation Tom Alexandre Aja isn’t happening anymore, although we hope you’ll find – and “50 Countries” – a home elsewhere.

Wall Street Journal It contains the full details of the shutdown, noting that “the live streaming service has been in trouble since its launch in April, and is facing lower than expected viewership numbers, disappointing download numbers, and a lawsuit from an adversary with good capital.” Quibi founder Geoffrey Katzenberg made the investor call today.

Quibi was designed as an on-the-go streaming option, with all of the content divided into short “episodes” meant to be watched on your phone, and Quibi certainly didn’t benefit from the launch during the pandemic that left everyone stranded at home, although that could hardly be the cause of his downfall. At the end of the day, she didn’t stand out enough to make her mark.

Among the other types of musical performances that Quibi made on their list, “ExpectationDirected by Mary Aaron and Mika Monroe / Dan DeHaan, Starringthe stranger. “