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The Südschnellweg in Hanover has been closed since yesterday, and today the controversial clearing will begin. Two environmental activists climbed trees in the restricted area yesterday.

For several hours, the two activists occupied the trees in the area where many trees were to be felled. Police said that after discussions with the conflict managers, they voluntarily descended from the trees in the afternoon. Because of the planned clearing, the motorway between Landwehrkreisel and Seelhorster Kreuz has been closed since yesterday. The background is the planned expansion of the Schnellweg, which opponents criticize as anti-climatic. The Südschnellweg is expected to remain closed in both directions until Wednesday. “We will accompany the clearing process, document it and show that we don’t think it’s a good thing,” said a spokeswoman for the Lynmash Stays initiative.

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The Südschnellweg in Hanover is run down and needs a renovation. There is resistance to this. Overview. more

Protest action on Saturday

According to the police, about 70 people followed a call to protest on Saturday. The initiative “Leinemasch Stays” came after a gathering of 150 activists who took part in the protest. Police said afterwards that the operation was peaceful and problem-free. “Leinemasch Stays” is directed against the planned widening of the southern motorway, but not against the necessary renovation. The Lower Saxony state authority for road construction and traffic had earlier announced that preparatory work between Schutzenale and Linbrock to solve the alleged tunnel should begin today.

Ensure the existence of the protest camp

In order to defuse the protests, Lower Saxony Transport Minister Olaf Laess (SPD) invited a round table in mid-November. After talks between detractors and supporters, Lies pledged not to vacate a protest camp set up in the construction area until the fall of next year. A spokeswoman for the initiative said it was “a resounding success”.

video: Hannover: Roundtable to mediate the dispute over Lynnmach (11/17/2022) (1 minute)

13 hectares will be cleared for the Südschnellweg

affiliate Environmental initiatives protest the widening of the Southern Highway (B3). Among other things, they should be renovated and expanded to make traffic safer. According to the Roads Authority, 13 hectares of Limash must be cleared for this. Less than half of this area is covered with trees and shrubs.

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The Leine flows in an S-shape along Hanover's Leemasch.  © dpa Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

In the event of a heavy flood, Lake Leemasch in Hanover could be up to a meter deeper underwater than previously thought. (09/27/2022) More

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