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US Secretary of State Blinken said in an interview on the 5th of this month that the United States supports the peaceful protests of the Chinese people. (Image from twitter.com/secblinken)

(Central News Agency reporter Jiang Jinba, Washington, 4) US Secretary of State Blinken said in an interview with the media today that the United States supports the peaceful protests of the Chinese people. He also said that when he visits China early next year, he will personally express that basic human rights and civil liberties are the core of the United States.

When CNN’s “State of the Union” today interviewed Anthony Blinken, he was asked about the recent outbreak of the White Paper movement across China.

Whether it is China, Iran or anywhere else, Blinken said, the United States supports people everywhere to peacefully protest, express their opinions and express their grievances, and the United States opposes any form of repression in any particular country or region.

After host Jake Tapper pressed him about how he would talk about the protesters with Chinese President Xi Jinping when he visits China early next year, Blinken said, “Say what we always say and President Biden (Joe Biden said to Xi Jinping, human rights and Fundamental civil liberties are at the heart of who we are as Americans, and no American government, the President of the United States, will be silent on that.”

However, Blinken also stressed that the trip to China early next year is the G20 (G20) meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping in Indonesia.G20

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G20 Encyclopedia

  • The Group of Twenty (G20) is an international forum in which the world’s major economies meet, with member states accounting for 80% of global gross domestic product (GDP), 75% of world trade, and 60% of the world’s population.
  • The first forum was held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, in 1999. Since 2008, a summit attended by heads of state and government leaders has been held every year to discuss global economic and financial issues.
  • Member countries are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Europe. Federation, Spain is a constant guest country.

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) Bilateral talks during the Leaders’ Summit. It is very important for the United States and China to communicate directly and clearly, and it is necessary to ensure that there is no misunderstanding, no poor communication, and it is expected to ensure a positive channel of communication.

Blinken did not deny that the United States and China are engaged in fierce competition, but he also said that as long as they are on a level playing field, there is nothing wrong with competition, but it must be ensured that competition does not turn into conflict. Therefore, he will conduct a dialogue with the Chinese side early next year, and other departments in the Biden administration will also contact relevant Chinese departments. If we can find a place to cooperate, it will be in the interest of the American people, and it will be in the interest of people all over the world. (Editor: Wei Shu) 1111205

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