Our press car came with the Takumi package, with a great Mark Levinson sound system and a larger infotainment screen (10.3 inches). But as we mentioned earlier about the UX Hybrid, we wish its distinct interior be backed by more substance. Because although it looks good together, there is a lot of rough plastic on display in the lower cabin sections for a car at this price point.

Even though the UX 300e gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you still have to navigate your preferred system with the laptop-like touchpad located between the front seats. Compared to the touchscreen-based infotainment systems on the 3 or Polestar 2 model, it feels clearly outdated.

The car, at least, is very simple to drive and is active around town. Well, it’s not a fast Model 3, but the UX 300e feels faster than its numbers suggest, like the enthusiasm for its acceleration, which gets clicked the moment you set foot. In fact, if the road is wet, the UX relies heavily on traction control to keep its front wheels from turning.

There are several driving modes to choose from (sport provides better throttle response) and two rear throttle regeneration systems – “D” and “B”. In the latter case, you can use the paddles behind the wheel to increase regeneration, but even in the most aggressive mode, they completely do not allow “single pedal driving”.

Perhaps if the recall effect was a little stronger it could make the power in the 54.3 kWh battery go a little further. As it stands, though, we’d expect to see around 150 miles in mixed real-world conditions.

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To deal with the extra weight of the batteries, an additional brace has been added on the regular hybrid UX and the dampers have been reworked to maintain optimal weight distribution, but don’t think the UX 300e is a “sporty” proposition. The steering is precise enough but it lacks feel, the brakes are a bit soft, and although it changes direction enough, there is a lot of body roll if you go into a tight angle. This fine setting offers at least a respectable excursion, especially around town.