First the left, then the Civic Alliance. The idea of ​​reducing working time appeared in many party programs. Is there a chance for such a hypothesis to come into force? Experts frankly say: maybe, but the fastest in ten years.

Donald Tusk Suggest 4 working days per week. The left wing was quick to remind members of the Civic Coalition that they themselves were against this idea when parliamentarians presented such an idea to the House of Representatives. Today, KO and left-wing politicians agree on one thing: Shortening working hours will pay off.

4 working days a week? “Fastest to Hold”

Shorter working time benefits employees, but also benefits the entire economy. Such solutions have already proven themselves in many places around the world, it is time for Poland – argued MP Adrian Zandberg during a press conference in Legnica.

Poland based its competitiveness on long hours of low-paid work. We need to change that – to a knowledge-based economy rather than an exploitative one. We propose a rational step-by-step plan to reduce working time to 35 hours per week

Adrian Zandberg

In the intent of the party together, employees should not lose a single zloty. In an interview with Interia, the head of the Polish National Bank, Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz. As he said, shortening the working time means reducing production and increasing inflation. Effect? The Polish economy will be stuck in stagflation, i.e. lower production and higher prices.

– This would add gasoline to the fire. This nonsense is nonsense, no matter who said it. This is unbelievable populist nonsense – said Balcirovich.

Deputy Director of the Polish Economic Institute Andrei Kubiciak looked at the matter more gently. As he commented in an interview with PAP, the idea is feasible, but it needs to be split “in installments”. The expert emphasized that the reduction in working time should translate into a decrease in GDP, and therefore this process should be implemented in a perspective of at least 10 years.

– In our country, it is worth waiting for the results of pilot projects implemented in other, more prosperous countries, that is, in Great Britain or Spain, said Kubisak.

In his opinion, in order to prepare the Polish economy for changes in the working time model, it is necessary, first of all, to introduce effective supervision, so that overtime is reflected in the real benefits of employees. – Without this step, the shortening of the working week will be an illusion and will lead to an extension of the unrecorded working time – Kubisiak noted.

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