Mike Tyson aroused anxiety as he slurred his words and barely breathed during an embarrassing situation Good morning Britain Tuesday’s interview.

Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reed seemed uncomfortable as they continued the interview after some tense pauses.

Boxer Mike, 54, stuttered and touched his head repeatedly as he appeared to be breathing so hard.

He even closed his eyes and dropped his head for several seconds while listening to Pierce’s questions.

Mike Tyson interfered in his speech and breathed hard, dropping his head at points

Questioned about getting out of retirement to fight Roy Jones Jr.

“Why do you want to do this?” Request berths.

Mike said, “I just want to do this, I plan to do it for a charity and I think I can do it, and that’s what I want to do.”

Pearce asked, “How do you feel, are you the type you were 15 years ago?”

Some viewers wondered if Mike was tired of the timing difference

Mike replied, “Pretty much, I’m just ready to do it, I feel really good, I’m ready to do it.”

Susana said, “With two men rapidly approaching the age of 50, I wouldn’t have cast a shadow of distraction over someone’s age, but there were concerns because you two men in their fifties fighting each other without a protective head covering, what do you think of these fears?”

Questions have been raised about the boxer’s sobriety

Mike replied, “I think it’s very cool that we are fighting together. It’s a battle we should have fought sooner, but unfortunately we’re facing it now, and that’d be cool.”

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Viewers were puzzled when they went to Twitter Let’s wonder what was bothering Mike.

One formulated: Embed a Tweet Would you hide the disaster of an interview with Mike Tyson and pretend it didn’t happen …? #gmb “.

Another commented, “Wow Mike Tyson #Giga This morning punch looked drunk.

“Do you get rid of his demons yet?” #Shukat “.

Is Mike Tyson like … well? #gmb A third asked.

That was an embarrassing show. Mike Tyson didn’t sound very well. #GigaFourth, “he added.

A fifth wrote:#gmb# good morning Oh dear, Mike isn’t all there.

“He must have forgotten that he was going to be on TV! They should finish this interview as soon as possible.”

* Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am