After the release of financial documents, referred to as the Pandora Papers and related to the assets of, among other things, politicians and business stars, the Czech police will investigate the case of Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who secretly acquired real estate in France through companies registered in tax havens.

“The ambiguity will be investigated by the National Organized Crime Unit, not only in relation to the prime minister, but also other Czech citizens related to the case,” the services said. The names of about 300 Czechs appear in the context of the Pandora Papers scandal. The police spokesman added that they declined to comment.

German MEP wants to exclude the Czech Prime Minister from the Council of Europe session

Babish admitted that the way he bought the property was not worthy of a politician. However, he had reservations that the deal took place in 2009, before he entered politics.

“About the Andre Babes Breaking both EU and Czech legislation, it was known to all. But cheating in the Czech tax system, which was trying to reform itself, is the height of hypocrisy. ”

“He cannot take part in discussions in the European Council on an equal footing until the conflict of interest and the origin of the money for which he bought the castle are clarified! Other heads of state and government should exclude him (from the deliberations)!” Thunder Green Germany MEP Daniel’s friend.

Pandora’s Leaves Case

The Pandora Papers were analyzed by the largest international group of investigative reporters in history, which included more than 600 journalists from 117 countries. However, the Czech prime minister is convinced that the revelations are intended to harm this week’s parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic.

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The Pandora Papers issue was on the agenda of the European Parliament’s plenary session. Tomorrow the European Parliament will hold a debate with representatives of the Council and the European Commission.

Babis will meet with his counterparts from other EU countries during the EU-Western Balkans Summit starting today in Slovenia. No other EU leader has been directly mentioned in the Pandora Papers yet. However, the documents contained reports of suspicious activities and assets of other European leaders, including those Russia I Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin I Volodymyr Zelensky The former Prime Minister Tony Blair in the UK.