The government is ‘on the verge of killing the night economy’

Now we turn to Sasha Lord, who replies to the chancellor’s latest news Economic support package for workers, Announced yesterday.

He says the hospitality industry understands the need for public safety, but they’re just starting to get back to normal – and now the curfew is taking a big hit.

420,000 people work in this sector.

Rishi Sunak failed to provide support to affected people in the strip yesterday, he says, and “turned his back” on them.

It also refers to the self-employed.

They have had no financial support whatsoever since March.

They hope to talk to people from all over GM about what they need.

They are, in fact, on the verge of wiping out the night economy.

Bolton is particularly exposed: With very short notice, bars and restaurants have virtually closed and are offering compensation of £ 500 a week, which he says “won’t touch the sides”.

Burnham says yesterday’s Sunak deal was “disappointing”.

It highlights three problems.

First, employers may incentivize one person to be hired full-time, rather than hiring two or three people part-time.

Second, there are sectors that simply cannot return to business at the moment, including aviation, live events and tourism.

This scheme does not help them.

He concludes by saying that Bolton’s work in particular feels “completely forgotten”, without any “meaningful compensation”.

This week GM required that Bolton comply with the national curfew, he says – for example, bars and pubs will be open, but under the same curfew as anywhere else.

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He says it was rejected.

He is not entitled to comment on the upcoming changes to GM in general, he says, which have not been announced. (As Stockport and Wigan.)