Łódzka Fuzja summed up the holiday season. Photo mat. presses.

Several hundred people doing yoga in Anna Gardens, 35 hours of photoshoots, and dozens of bike wheels repaired. In addition to intergenerational dance parties, concerts and theater. This is how Echo Investment can sum up the holiday season at the attractions taking place in the already common part of Fuzja in ód.

  • In July this year. The first public space opened in Fuzja – Anna Gardens and part of the Art Nouveau Scheibler power station, a historic Boiler House. This was the place where art events and attractions were held all summer long.
  • The first season of “Fuzja in Summer” has come to an end at Fuzja in ód.
  • The former boiler house offered visitors many attractions, including summer cinema, dance performances, and concerts.
  • The Live Events Agency was responsible for organizing the events in Fosja.

The fusion started to come alive again. – The first season of “Fuzja z Lato” was special for all of us. First of all, we have opened up a space for people who have been inaccessible for years, and therefore a little forgotten, and secondly – we are talking about a historical area that requires a suitable environment – he says Marcelina BanacFouzja Project Coordinator Z investment echo. – We wanted to show Fusion to everyone, regardless of age, so we focused on various thematic activities and activities directed at all generations. Fusion won the hearts of our guests who were delighted with the boiler room interior design and the ambiance of the attractions organized here. During these holidays, everyone could find something interesting for themselves, as people willingly shared information about events in Fuzja on their social profiles and invited friends to spend time together at the summer attractions of Boiler House and Anna Gardens. The first season of “Fuzja z Lato” was a huge success, and we’re glad we were able to let go of some of this exceptional area in لودód and invite the townspeople here again – he adds.

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The walls of the former Boiler House hosted this year’s art summer cinema – Polówka. Every Sunday, against the backdrop of a huge cauldron, guests can watch two shows for free – one aimed at young viewers and the other – for big movie fans as part of the Arthouse section. The first Polówka game of this kind was in لودód, which was held inside a historic building, rather than traditionally outdoors. In total, the cinema with the boiler in the background gathered hundreds of viewers and broadcast 35 hours of shows.