Visegrad Group Summit. MP in the Law and Justice Party: A meeting of politicians in Wawel Ramsey

The heads of government of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary spoke in the historic halls of Wawel and at the Congress Center, among others, about the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic and the European Union’s policy on climate and migration. Eastern policy was also discussed, including relations with Belarus and Russia, and the development of the Eastern Partnership.

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Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic indicated that the main goal of cooperation in this form is to develop a common position on European issues. But he stressed that the “Four Visegrades” do not have to be unanimous on all issues. Turn, mr.Czech remirer Andrej Babisz emphasized that the Visegrad Group was not a political bloc but an economic bloc.

The economies of these four countries have developed in an impressive manner over the past 30 years – as reported in Program 1 of the Polish Radio, Dr. Kamil Zagakovsky. I agree with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, but in the political dimension there are more differences than they have in common. First of all, of all the V4 countries, only Slovakia belongs to the Eurozone, so it has different views on certain issues than, for example, Poland and Hungary – he says.

‘Vaccines free from politics’

Head of the Hungarian government Viktor Orban said at the summit that the issue of the vaccine should be freed from politics. “There is no eastern or western vaccine, there is a good vaccine and a bad vaccine, so I insisted today that the vaccine should be good.”

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– I think that’s one of the topics that will make V4s so different – Broadcast Guest rates. Viktor Orban speaks here in the context of the Chinese vaccine offered to Hungary. Today it is difficult to imagine that Europe will give the green light to vaccines from China, especially as it will require a longer accreditation process – the expert adds.

Vaccine supply negotiations

Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki said during the Visegrad Group Heads of Government Summit that the European Commission should use the European Union’s economic strength to pressure pharmaceutical companies to supply coronavirus vaccines.

The heads of government of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary met in historic halls in Wawel and at the Congress Center. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, is the special guest.

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– Fines of 10 thousand were fined four passengers who tried, upon entering Great Britain, to conceal their previous residence in one of the countries at risk. Passengers were detained at Birmingham airport on Monday, the first day of tougher legislation to stop the spread of new types of coronavirus. More in a column by Michel Strykovsky.

In France, Parliament passed a law on the security of the republic. The article aroused particular feelings about the possibility of closing places of worship – and this raises the concerns of religious communities. It concerns anti-republican and state activity, which, as experts point out, is a very broad concept. The interior minister defends the law, stating that it is about combating extremism – especially Islamism. The broadcast guest was Thomas Michalsky of HEC Paris.

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The European Space Agency has begun recruiting new astronauts to send to the International Space Station. The need for English naturalists, mathematicians, and paramedics. They will teach them the Russian language. European astronauts are currently being sent to the International Space Station (ISS), and within a few years they should begin flying to the new Lunar Gateway Station, which is set to be a midpoint for potential missions to the Moon and even Mars. So far, not a single pole has been among the more than 20 astronauts sent into space by the European Space Agency since 2001. More on Katarzina Simon’s materials.


Program title: More of the world

Drove: Magdalena Skagioska

Guests: Kamil Zajączkowski (Director of the European Center of the University of Warsaw), Tomasz Michalski (HEC Paris)

Date of issue: 17.02.2021

Broadcast time: 17.32

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