As we’ve already written, Cat’s Planty will undergo a transformation this year. The neglected area with its distinct hilltop, which many Nowy Sącz residents used to ski, apple or ski, will change its appearance.

As part of the revitalization, it is planned, among other things, the construction of an observation deck, an educational and natural path, rain gardens, educational panels and small architectural elements. These include a 16-meter off-road sleigh, a small climbing kit, and a fountain.

Jacob Pulzak Historian Nowy Sącz has not denied the need to revitalize this place, except that he points out that Nowy Sącz’s “Cat Planty” is a natural airway that ventilates the city. It is an open space. Let us remind you that you can leave the Wólki property, which is located just below the rest of the city, for its center, with the “Kocimi Planty”.

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There are many such natural places in the city. The historian from Sądecki asked, given the upcoming revitalization of Krasiński Square, whether tall trees would not be planted at this place as part of the planned investment.

– I was interested in an architect’s statement from Nowy Sącz Marek Jasevich, Who noted in a one-time Internet discussion, that Wólki’s estate is in a depression, by the river. And in the context of the dense development of the city, he stated that the architects, when planning the spatial development of Nowy Sącz, had left undeveloped natural gaps in this spatial arrangement. Such a hangout, for example, Kościuszko Street and Kocie Planty. Architect Marek Jasevich, when the idea of ​​developing Krasinski Square was born, made it difficult not to build a tall building or plant tall trees there.

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