US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on Wednesday during a videoconference of the United Nations Security Council that by the end of February, the United States will fulfill its commitment to pay a contribution of more than $ 200 million to the World Health Organization.

This is an important step forward in fulfilling our financial commitments to the World Health Organization and reflects our renewed commitment to providing the support you need to lead the fight against the global pandemic.

– He said flash.

Payments resume after an interruption of about a year

In April 2020, the then President of the United States Donald Trump He directed his administration to stop contributing to the World Health Organization until its role in “mismanaging and concealing the spread of the Coronavirus becomes clear.”

Trump also accused the WHO of working in China’s favor to clarify the origins of the coronavirus. Previously, the United States was the driver of the largest contributions to the World Health Organization.

In July of last year, Trump began measures to exit the United States from the World Health Organization. But Joe Biden, after being sworn in as president on January 20, overturned his predecessor’s decision and announced his return to this organization. He became the head of the US delegation to the World Health Organization Anthony Fauci.

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