Students who organized a party in halls of residence in the city were fined – the day restrictions of the second level of the new Corona virus came into effect.

Police were called to report on a large group in an apartment at Hampden Street Around 1 a.m. on Wednesday (October 14) and specify who organized the party.

Two students were issued flat notices of £ 200 and another 15 students were warned once the officers closed the ceremony.

“I can’t repeat enough how dangerous the situation we find ourselves in right now,” said Paul Gomer, the downtown district police inspector.

“ The majority of students adhere to restrictions and I am grateful to those who understand their responsibility in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

“However, there is a minority of people who feel as though they do not have to follow the rules and we will continue to take action against them.

“The new restrictions prevent people from mixing with people from other families or bubbles and we will respond to any concerns from the public on this issue.

“If we do not acknowledge and adhere to the requirements, there will inevitably be consequences that impose more restrictions on all of our daily lives.

“Work closely with our partners in both universities and Nottingham City Council, We will continue to deal with those who do not follow the instructions, and if deemed appropriate, we will issue fines. “

A spokesperson for Nottingham Trent University added: “We are working with the police and are investigating this matter quickly.”

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“ All of our students were made aware that they – just like everyone else – play a critical role in limiting prevalence This virus.

“We know that the majority of our students will respect instructions and advice.

“When we have evidence that any students have violated restrictions, there may be consequences under our disciplinary action, including fines or disqualifications.

“We are working with our residence partner and deploying additional security patrols to help ensure this happens across the entire student community.”

This comes after eight students were fined for hosting them Concerts elsewhere in town the day before.

Here is the full list of Level 2 restrictions:

  • You should not communicate with anyone outside your family or support a bubble anywhere in the interior, whether at home or in a public place
  • You must not come into contact with a group of more than six people outside, including in a park or other places such as beaches or parks (other than in cases where specific exceptions in the law apply)
  • Businesses and places can continue to operate in a way that is safe from COVID-19, other than those that remain sealed by law
  • Some companies have to make sure that customers only consume food and drink while sitting, and they must close their doors between 10 PM and 5 AM.
  • Companies and places selling food for consumption outside the building can continue to do so after 10pm as long as it is through delivery, click-and-collect, or car transportation.
  • Schools, universities and places of worship remain open
  • Weddings and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on the number of attendees
  • Exercise and sports classes organized outdoors can be continued. These things will only be allowed indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with people they do not live with or share with a support bubble, or for youth or disabled sports
  • You can continue to travel to places or facilities that are open for work or access to education, but you should strive to reduce the number of trips you take where possible.
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