Mickey Szkerba together with Dariush Ionsky They carried out parliamentary oversight in the Chancellery the first show on work “A lot of home.”

This is the control of the “LOT home” program, which was to be the flagship of this government, and it turned out to be a complete failure, but it is also another example of mismanagement, failure to function properly, let us remind you that the EU portfolio included the Civil Protection Mechanism, which Under which the European Commission paid up to 75 percent of each citizen’s trip European UnionMP Szczerba told TVN24.

Poland It was in fact the only country that did not benefit from this EU programme, entrusting the entire organization of this repatriation to a state-owned company, i.e. LOT – added.

The problem is that the Prime Minister’s Chancellery signed a contract with Lot amounting to hundreds of millions of zlotys, but it did not fulfill certain obligations. It can be said that he exceeded his powers without obtaining the legal opinion of the Public Prosecution. Simply put, the Public Prosecutor’s Office did not check whether the interests of the passengers, and above all the state treasury, were adequately secured by this contract – Szczerba said.

As it turns out when I Verifying this issue, the Prime Minister’s Chancellery did not pay much not for individual trips, showing the exact costs of each of these trips, but based on collective statements and group bills, without any verification. Whatever the lot can offer to the Prime Minister’s Chancellery will be paid – He said.

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Joński announced that parliamentary oversight will also be carried out at LOT headquarters.

Action “LOT to Home”

Regarding the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March and April last year, the Prime Minister’s Office, MSZ The Polish airline LOT organized the “Journey Home” campaign. According to data provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 55 thousand people returned to the country on Polish Airlines. Poles and more than 2,000 citizens of other countries, incl. European Union, United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Turkey, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway and Thailand.

The media – including Fakt.pl and wp.pl – reported that the FSA found serious irregularities in the expenditures of the Prime Minister’s Office on the “Journey Home” campaign. For the unreliable settlement of more than 331 million PLN. According to these reports, the Prime Minister’s Office paid more than 331 million PLN for this procedure without checking the invoices issued, and it is too late to apply to the Prosecutor’s Office for a legal opinion on the legality of these expenses.