– The race against time continues – & nbsp he said in an interview with Professor “Rzeczpospolita”. Andrzej Herpan, Senior Adviser to the Medical Council to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. “It’s like a storm. There is a storm, but when the lightning strikes exactly, we don’t know. Sometimes it strikes out of the blue,” he explains.

During the next two weeks, from Saturday to April 9, additional restrictions were imposed on trade, and restrictions were closed on stores, nurseries, kindergartens, service outlets and large supermarkets, including construction and furniture stores.

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However, the churches were not closed, but restrictions were put in place as well. – & nbsp The number of people in the crowd should be greatly reduced. A limit of 1% per 20 sq.m. appears reasonable. For this format – if it is already, then outside – the & nbsp in & nbsprof is emphasized. Interview with & nbspprof. Hurban. – & nbsp The question of whether believers will follow these recommendations. In the spring of last year, they warned.

Is this enough? a. Horn says when the lockdown will need to be tightened further. – Not tomorrow, but maybe the day after tomorrow. The limit is 30 thousand. Daily infection on a weekly basis. Three days off & nbsprzedow after 30 k. & nbsps System becomes inactive. We must then urgently apply the solutions from the previous Spring and Easter – he said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita. Let us remind you: Last year, a ban on movement was imposed, and forests were also closed.


We try to do everything to the best of our knowledge at all times. Recently we have been accused of unnecessarily accepting people from Great Britain. Imagine what would have happened if we had left these Poles there. Like Germany, lockdowns can be imposed with a curfew. It could be, and it probably should be. But then hoteliers and other industries will rebel further. He added that everything that is done is judged a month or two after the accident, when we already know its effects.

As he admitted, he does not agree with the prime minister and the government on everything, but it is not the parliament that makes binding decisions – it provides advice and does it. He does not get paid for that. It’s a two-job social act – says the professor. Hurban. After I decided to take this action, I took unpaid leave as medical director of the Infectious Diseases Hospital. I still treat the sick, the most cruel. Hospital in the morning, then emails, conference calls, and e-mails again in the middle of the night. Phones. I do not complain.