A spokesman for the US State Department said in an interview with Polish News Agency that the United States “recorded an increase in measures against Polish diplomats and on a larger scale – against the Polish minority in Belarus,” which – as he explained – “is totally unacceptable.”

The Lukashenka regime must end this repression and immediately release Boris and all unjustified detainees

– He added, citing Onet.

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After the arrest of Andelika, Boris Moraveki: The Belarusian authorities are doing everything to destroy the good relations between the Poles and the Belarusians

Belarus. The United States demands the release of Andelika Boris. Poczobut, Tiszkowska and Biernacka were transferred to Minsk

Andelika Boris was arrested on Tuesday in Grodno and sentenced to 15 days in prison – the Belarusian Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that a criminal case had been filed against her. The case concerned alleged incitement to religious and national hatred. It is about the Polish minority in Belarus to commemorate the soldiers of the secret independence, including the Cursed Soldiers. In return, she was sentenced to 15 days in prison for allegedly illegal organizing the annual Kazuki traditional fair.

On Wednesday, there were more arrests – the police arrested the journalist and member of the board of directors of the Polish Union of Belarus, Andrei Bockzopot, as well as activists Maria Teskovsky from Wukowsk and Irina Bernaca from Leda. As Polish Radio found out, Andrzej Poczobut immediately requested a lawyer after his arrest, and the independent Belarusian Association of Journalists helped find him. The lawyer of Maria Tiszkowska and Irena Biernacka was found thanks to the efforts of Grodno editors for the “znadniemna.pl” portal.

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As announced Friday morning, the broadcasting media agency Bukzubota, Tuskovskaya and Bernaka were transferred to Minsk, where they will be interrogated. Perhaps they will hold their first meetings with the attorneys.

The European Commission condemned the actions of the Lukashenka regime, and earlier called for the release of Boris and Buksopot. In turn, the President of Lithuania wrote: “The targeting of the Polish minority violates the international obligations of Belarus regarding the protection of national minorities.”