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LKA checks in with six climate activists after the event at BER Airport

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Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | 25.11.2022 | Hannes Honnemann | Build: dpa/Stephan Müller

Among other things, it concerns serious interference with air traffic and trespassing: an investigation is now underway against six climate activists who were temporarily paralyzed by BER on Thursday.

After the act of sabotage at the capital’s Bir Airport, the Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) took over the investigation. Police spokesman Mario Heinemann said Friday that six climate activists are investigating serious interference with air traffic, disruption of public services, trespassing and damage to property.

Five men and a woman between the ages of 20 and 32 were arrested and detained on Thursday while working at Schönefeld Airport. The spokesman said one of the men was still there by court order. According to him, the other suspects have been released.

The airport wants to improve security

Meanwhile, the airport company announced that it intends to improve the security concept. airport spokesman Hannes Hoenemann said Friday morning on rbb24 Inforadio. “We are thinking together with the police, who also have the task of securing the areas of flight operations,” the spokesperson said. If there was a way to make the fence around the company’s headquarters more stable, “we would, of course,” says Hönemann. After all, the actions of the climate protesters were “extremely dangerous, high risk.”

Hönemann evaluated cooperation with the Federal Police positively. In the hour and a half that the procedure took, it was necessary to check whether everything was safe. It worked very well.

The event was broadcast live on Twitter

The airport blockade is “totally unacceptable,” according to Weser

The action of climate protesters has been criticized across party lines. Home Secretary Nancy Visser wrote on Twitter that the airport closure was “another escalation and totally unacceptable”. “These actions are destroying social acceptance that is important to combating climate change,” Weser continued.

Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stopgen (CDU) called the measure a “serious interference with air traffic”. It would be a “serious crime” that “at worst endangers human life. There is no justification for it.” He described the activists as criminals.

The deputy leader of the union parties in the Bundestag, Andrea Lindholz (CSU), has called for “consistent sanctions” for disrupting flight operations. It saw “another red line” crossed as air traffic was disrupted. Airports are “not a theater for political action”, Lindholz explained, because “human life can quickly be in danger there”.

The Left Defends the Actions of the ‘Last Generation’

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wessing (FDP) said the right to demonstrate was a fundamental right, but the measures were becoming increasingly unscrupulous. The head of the Free Democratic Party in Berlin, Sebastian Zaga, spoke of “climate criminals”.

The AfD and party leader Tino Shrubala called on the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to activate the role of the “last generation”. Not opinions, but actions should be decisive for their evaluation. “Securing critical infrastructure should be a top priority,” said Shrupala.

On the other hand, leftist leader Martin Shirdiwan defended the “last generation” whose protest “put a finger on the wound of political inaction in the face of the climate catastrophe”.

A spokesman for the Federal Police in Tagstemen said the case was “clearly” property damage and trespassing. There is also the possibility of “serious interference with air traffic”.

Activists want to draw attention to the consequences of climate change

Broadcast: rbb24 Brandenburg aktuell, November 25, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

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