The Ministry of Justice considers that the information related to the audit results in many places contains incorrect data, conclusions that are not supported by facts, positions outside the jurisdiction of the Board of Supreme Audit and a hint of events that did not actually occur.

– The accusations of the Financial Supervisory Board in the report, which indicate that after the establishment of the center, Ewa Bashashik not have to run her clinic there, in the opinion of the Ministry of Justice, are not only untrue, but also very unfair. – said the ministry.

According to the ministry – contrary to the statements of the Financial Supervision Bureau – the conditions for financing the “Al-Manabeh” clinic by the Justice Fund specifically stipulate the provision of a “highly specialized center for the treatment and rehabilitation of people in the region.” zombie” for victims of crime.

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The center is fully adapted to the needs of these people. In addition to being equipped with the latest medical and therapeutic equipment.


– I admit that as long as you are responsible for the justice fund, everyone will get help if he is harmed by a crime, no matter where he works, what his opinions are and what his earnings are – he said.

In response to the Supreme Audit Office’s claim about irregularities related to PLN 280 million, he said that this amount mainly covers the expenses of volunteer fire brigades. – We believe that indirect assistance to crime victims is specifically providing equipment to volunteer firefighters and equipping hospitals with equipment that will save the life and health of people who are victims of traffic accidents or other crimes – he added.

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NIK submits five notifications to the Prosecutor’s Office

Let us remind you that the NIK report submitted on Thursday accuses the Ministry of Justice of mismanagement and inadvertent spending of funds from the Justice Fund, which was to promote the emergence of corruption-generating mechanisms.


According to NIK data, “the total value of the financial effects of the audit, that is, the amounts of money spent in violation of regulations, unintentionally, wastefully or unreliably, amounted to more than PLN 280 million.”

In connection with these findings, NIK submitted five notifications to the Prosecutor’s Office about the possibility of a crime being committed. The head of the NIK also asked the Constitutional Court to declare the regulation of the Justice Fund unconstitutional. The result of the inspection was also informed, among others, to the President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski and the CBA President.