The British car sticker turned out to be incorrect 100 years later. The bureaucracy has a holiday and drivers must be careful not to get fined.

Cars moving in international traffic were invented long ago to bear the designation of the country in which they are registered. For decades, country two-letter hallmarks, like PL for ours, have been stuck in the back door. In recent years, such a scene has become more and more rare, because the distinctive features of the countries appeared on the registration plates. Over time, they were replaced by European hallmarks. Thanks to this, the panels are not tainted with such distinctive features, so you can stick other exotic things there, but let’s leave this topic for a separate entry. It seems that there is nothing to spoil in the differentiation of states, because some symbols have not changed even for 100 years. Nothing could be more wrong As the British discover.

Incorrect British car sticker

Until now, the letters GB – Great Britain were the hallmark of cars from the UK. It worked for a long time, since 1910. However, after 111 years, someone found out that it was a mistake. Which is very dangerous. Well, the name Great Britain refers to England, Scotland and Wales. The correct name is United Kingdom – United Kingdom (the abbreviation of UK), which, in addition to the above countries, includes Northern Ireland. At the origin of the fact that someone looked at a sticker on a car, there was politics as usual.

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To celebrate the first anniversary of Brexit, a new UK license plate design has been introduced. The flag of the European Union was removed from them. After a few months, there were voices wishing that Ireland should return to the union, so a wise person devised a common identity, the unity of the United Kingdom must be emphasized at every step. In line with this principle, in July a request was made to the United Nations to change the discourse. The United Nations has just given the green light for this change.

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From now on, all cars coming from Great Britain abroad should have a new distinguishing feature. It can be a sticker on the car or an appropriate mark on the license plate. If they do not comply with this obligation, they will get an authorization in case of inspection. Apparently, some states may not allow vehicle entry without proper discrimination. I don’t know what makes me more laughable, whether it took 111 years to complicate something simple or the fact that it took 111 years to get to the point where something went wrong. As they say – the mills of bureaucracy are grinding slowly.

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