There was a great deal of anarchy in Britain. In some places there is a shortage of fuel and some citizens have gone shoppingBy storing and cleaning store shelves. The reason is simple: the absence of the thousands of truck drivers who were previously responsible for sourcing and maintaining the food supply chain.

One could not help but feel that the islanders had prepared this fate for themselves. Exit from the European Union caused in part by COVID-19y this get Fewer drivers are delivering goods. In an effort to alleviate the food shortage that led to the crisis in the country, the government is taking new steps.

According to the plan, there will be a limit on the number of employees who can enter the islands. In order to calm the very tense situation in the country, the government is planning to issue 5,000 temporary work visas at the moment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made clear that changes to this program will be temporary and very limited.

In a short film broadcast on Good Morning Britain, the Polish driver explained his opinion on the new regulations. “I don’t think anyone wants to move for 3 months just to help the British organize their holidays,” the driver said frankly.

All this because of Britain’s exit from the European Union?


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told the BBC’s Andrew Marr programmeThe government does not want to “undermine” British workers, but it will not “stand and watch the ranks build up”.

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