Apart from the construction sites, the railway line between Mainz and Koblenz is free again. At the train station in Gau-Algesheim, caustic hydrochloric acid has been dripping from a tank car since Thursday morning – it’s now pumped out.

Hydrochloric acid was pumped into a special truck from North Rhine-Westphalia for five hours late on Thursday night. Police said the work was completed early Friday morning without incident.

The train was driven a few hundred meters from the station and the faulty container was loaded onto a lorry by crane. The first examination showed no external influence. Corrosion of an outlet valve on the tank is a possible cause. More detailed examinations will be carried out in the coming days.

Gau-Algesheim station has been cleared for safety reasons

The train station in Jau-Algeshim was cleared early Thursday morning for security reasons and a large area was cordoned off after an apparent leak was discovered from the tank car containing the chemical.

According to the Federal Police, the leak from which the hydrochloric acid was initially dripping was never found, despite an extensive search. According to the Mainz-Bingen district administration, the tank car contained 24,000 liters of acid.

Residents must close doors and windows

Gau-Algesheim residents were told to keep windows and doors closed – initially only residents between the L420 and the railway line, and later also those on the other side of the railway line. However, according to the district administration, no questionable pollutant values ​​have been measured in the city.

There is no danger to the population

Firefighters, police, civil protection and other employees of the Mainz-Bingen district administration were still on the scene with about 90 people early Thursday evening. Rescue workers are supported by the DRK in Mainz-Hechtsheim. According to current information, no one was hurt, according to the Federal Police.

Diversion of long-distance trains to the right bank of the Rhine

According to Deutsche Bahn, long-distance trains on the route between Mainz and Koblenz have been diverted to the other side of the Rhine. The regional train RE2 of the Süwex company, which runs between Koblenz and Frankfurt, was also affected.

In other regional traffic, which usually goes through the Gau-Algesheim, there have been cancellations and delays.


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