Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were married at the time in 1947, and only a few years later, Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, died and became queen. The Queen ascended to the throne in 1952 as Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 25, and the Queen has dedicated her entire life to royal service. But alongside her, she has always had the support of her husband Prince Philip, who she once described as her “strength and survival” throughout their decades together.

Prince Philip formally retired from royal duties at the age of 96 in 2017 and is now residing full-time at Sandringham, Norfolk.

But before his retirement, Philip completed an astonishing 22,219 solo engagement during his career as a senior in the royal family.

The sheer number of engagements that Philip made alone doesn’t take into account the sheer amount of engagements that he also made alongside the Queen.

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At every state banquet, royal tour, meeting and greeting at the palace that the Queen participated in, Philip was usually there to offer help and support.

Many of these moments of the Queen and Prince Philip were captured overseas and about courtship in photos over the years.

In these many shots, many royal fans also noted that there was a huge difference in height between a king and a husband.

Read on to find out the height of the Queen and Prince Philip, and how their heights compare to that of other well-known royals. All heights below are in feet and inches.

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Prince Charles is 5’10 and was just as famous as his ex-wife Princess Diana, although photos of the couple were often stylized so Diana looked shorter.

The Queen and son of Philip II, Prince Andrew, are also believed to be about six feet tall as his father.

This is also the case for the couple’s youngest son, Prince Edward, who is 1.83 meters, or 6 feet, too according to Google.

Long genes don’t seem to have stopped with Philip’s children, as the tallest member of the royal family is believed to be his grandson Prince William.

William is believed to be 6’3, while his younger brother Prince Harry is also believed to be tall at 6’1.