This weekend, Nintendo held it Splatoon 2 The North American Open. Although the finals were planned to be broadcast live, it ended up being canceled due to “unforeseen implementation challenges”.

No further details were provided, however Some Fans seem to think they might know what’s going on …

In the post on Smash Bros subredditIn, it was highlighted how a number of teams at the event had hashtags and names #FreeMelee. It all stems from the hype last month when the longest running Super Smash Bros Championship in the US, “The Big House”, received a pit stop for Nintendo.

As you might remember, the problem Nintendo had with this particular event was the fact that this year’s tournament required “illegal copies.” Super Smash Bros.Miley He will also benefit from Sleepy Online – Undo the network icon that players are allowed to get rid of online.

This is said to have boiled now in the competitive Splatoon scene, as explained in more detail in the tweets below:

The Twitter user himself continues to explain how it seems that the community hasn’t been “surprised” with this:

“To be clear, this is Nintendo’s call, not any of the TOS or broadcasters it has recruited for the weekend. This is damage control and head-on spit in the face of all of their custom competitive scenes. But we’re not surprised.”

Bear in mind that at the moment this is all just speculation. What do you think of all this on your own? Leave a comment below and to learn more about the #FreeMelee and #SaveSmash movement, See our previous posts.

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