Great Britain removes restrictions

To date, about 32 million British citizens have taken the first dose, and about 7 million have taken the second dose. The number of casualties is gradually decreasing, so it was decided to gradually lift the restrictions. On April 12, all shops, bars, gyms, swimming pools, hairdressers and manicure salons open.

England has been in lockdown for three months, which is its third lockdown. Started in January, everything has since been closed. It appears that this is the first day to return to normal

– says Anna Sankara.

As the reporter explains, many people have requested a day off for shopping on the day the stores open.

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London pulsing with life

Anna Sincara also visited Carnaby Street, a popular area of ​​London full of shops and bars. – It’s perfect for showing off the defrosting of London. Indeed, everything comes to life. Shop windows have been cleaned, and some stores have stickers saying “Welcome back” – says Anna Sinkara. Similar posters appear in front of bars that only operate outdoors. There are special sections for customers for hygienic comfort, tables set, but the weather is cold, so heating lamps are set – as the journalist says.

On May 17th, the next phase of unfreezing the economy will begin. Among other things, foreign trips will return. – Anna Sinkara said that the full lifting of restrictions is planned for June 21. See the full report:

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