The new regulations became effective at midnight, and the regulation did not appear in the Laws Magazine until late on Monday evening. What is its result? Certainly, border crossing procedures will take longer than usual.

For example, Marcin Horetta, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, spoke about it. Border guards will have to list every person who crosses our country’s borders or collect a signed form from them.

The biggest change will affect people traveling from outside the Schengen area. For those who travel to our country from Zanzibar, the Dominican Republic, Ukraine or Great Britain, a negative test result, which was taken before departure to Poland, is not enough. From Tuesday, in light of Polish law, it will be pointless.

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The government changed the rules in such a way that people from outside Schengen were subject to compulsory quarantine. They can escape from it only one way – by taking a test in Poland.

The easiest way is to do it right away. Most airports offer this option right after the plane has landed.


“At Warsaw Chopin Airport, it will be possible to do a coronavirus test before leaving the building,” – he informed government airports, operating the capital’s airport.

The second point is located in front of the border control point. It can be used by those coming from the Schengen area. In the event of a negative result, they will avoid quarantine.

Other airports also offer passenger tests upon landing. For a long time, this point has been operating at the airport in Wroclaw or at & nbspPoznan, and we have already reported on & about & In & nbspModlin, the port in & nbspModlin decided to take a similar step. Tests can also be taken at Krakow Airport. Everywhere, this test costs about 200 PLN for the antigen and about 500 PLN for the antigen.


I am traveling from Schengen – what are my options?

For people who come to Poland from countries belonging to the Schengen area, the changes are less drastic. In this case, pre-flight tests are still honored. However, it cannot be older than 48 hours.

So if on Tuesday someone arrived from & nbspMonachium in Warsaw and tested negative from & nbspponday, they wouldn’t go into quarantine. If there is no test, he will be able to do it at the airport.


Okęcie offers such capability even before border control points. Thanks to this, when inspecting the border guards, no one will ask where the quarantine will be held.

Don’t have a parametric test? Quarantine can be shortened

However, the regulation provides an opportunity to shorten the quarantine. The law also allows you to take the test within 48 hours after crossing the border.


So if someone arrives in Poland on Tuesday at 12 p.m., and they do not have any test and do not do it at the border, they will automatically go into quarantine for 10 days regardless of where they traveled from.

However, if he wants to end his quarantine early, he will have such an opportunity. It is sufficient for him to take the test within 48 hours of crossing the border. If the result is negative, it will be transferred to the computer database of the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences and the quarantine obligation will be automatically lifted. The result doesn’t need to be reported anywhere, and even less.

The same applies to everyone who crosses borders by land or sea without a test. They can also shorten the period of compulsory quarantine if they conduct the examination within 48 hours of crossing the border.

I am vaccinated. Do these rules apply to me?

The regulation also includes exceptions to the provisions mentioned above. There are quite a few of them.

Mandatory quarantine will not apply, for example, to members of diplomatic missions, students, students, doctors, soldiers or professional drivers. There are dozens of exceptions. However, in most cases it is imperative that we document to the border guard officer that such an exception applies specifically to our situation.