It is a completely original idea to combine fun with learning. This time you can use … Minecraft to learn.

The platform with Microsoft Polska and Mindcloud invites teachers and students (ages 10-16) from the capital to take advantage of the WawaCraft project. The project envisions a new use for Minecraft, in both distance learning and in the classroom. Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of the capital Warsaw commented on this:

The project is a response to current needs – diverse and attractive lessons. The core curriculum obliges teachers to develop their students’ digital competencies and to use different types of IT tools. This is our next offering within the dynamically developing platform.

Minecraft: the educational version used by teachers all over the world. The Secure Join Code Multiplayer feature allows students and teachers to collaborate, create and solve problems together in custom learning environments and platforms.

WawaCraft project participants from local government educational institutions will receive a package of maps and lesson scenarios on the subject of Warsaw studies, as well as in the field of computer science, chemistry, environmental science, or other education-related subjects. And for teachers wanting to teach their students with Minecraft, we offer online thematic training and expert support throughout the life of the project.

The project will culminate in a competition for school teams (a teacher and a group of students) to create their own educational maps. Outstanding works will be awarded and made available as educational materials for educational institutions in Warsaw.

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Project phases:

From 12 to 30 April Receiving applications via the electronic system of the Warsaw Education Office from Warsaw

May 11 and 13 – Webinar for Educators – How to Conduct Classes with Minecraft: Tutorial Edition

May – June this year – Carry out school activities with Minecraft: Education Edition (using shared educational maps and creating your own)

June this year A competition to create your own educational maps in three thematic areas:

  • EkoCraft (Maps on sustainable development in Warsaw)
  • SzachCraft (Chess Maps),
  • HistoCraft (Maps on the history of Warsaw).

Until June 11: The competition is presented by school teams of 5 people consisting of a teacher and a group of students.

The contest will be settled this academic year.

Microsoft training materials on using Minecraft in education can be found at:

Image Unsplash / Mika Baumeister

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If your students love Minecraft, the game can be combined with learning.