Little is known about the inner workings of The Cube – much of the ITV show is shrouded in mystery.

Even host Philip Schofield is kept in the dark about the show’s biggest secret.

Dubbed the toughest game show on TV, The Cube has been dreading hopes since it first aired in 2009.

Once inside the famous Perspex box, the seemingly basic missions leave players fluttering their hair.

Several contestants attempted to defeat The Cube but only one man reached the end victorious – Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah.

The challenges in The Cube are impossible for most humans – but there is one that can defeat them all.

the body.

The Body is an expert at completing challenges on The Cube

The mysterious entity is more subtle than The Stig in Top Gear, whose various identities have been revealed over the years.

But the woman behind The Body has never spoken in public.

Before the contestants falter under pressure, they watch the mysterious female show them exactly how it’s done with extreme precision.

She is the only person known to have succeeded in every challenge the game’s team created.

The name of the person under the body mask has been kept a high-security secret since the release of the exciting gaming show in August 2009.

So much so, that even Philip doesn’t know who’s behind the mask – and he’s running.

Philip doesn’t even know who is behind the mask

But some details about her identity have been revealed over the years.

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Back when the show premiered in 2009, there was a lot of speculation about who the body might be.

ITV bosses were hoping that a stunt woman in the style of The Stig would help dazzle viewers with their new prime-time audition.

At the time, Philip admitted that he had no idea the identity of The Body but had discovered some information, including that she was supposed to be a “wonderful superhuman”.

Philip said, “The body is a phenomenon. She is the expert in all challenges but you don’t see her without her mask.”

“I was trying to sneak to the climax but even now I also don’t know who it is, it’s a closely guarded secret! She is a superhuman and allegedly brilliant!”

A friend joined The Body for the new series

The Body is believed to have previously worked in movies and television doing stunts.

“The body is an expert in many physical disciplines.” Said executive producer Justin Gorman.

“I have played every game featured in Cube until it has reached a level of sheer perfection in order to show how the game can be won so that the contestant understands the game.

“ The body needs to be kept a secret so people don’t ask it how to complete games, get extra tips and cheat.

“The comparison to Stig is pleasing even though her skills are very different.”

Even in the show’s credits, The Body is listed as being powered by ‘The Body’.

There is so much about the show that remains a mystery

Fans have always been fascinated by the number of attempts The Body makes to compete in each challenge.

But this will remain a mystery for many years to come.

There have been some major changes to The Cube this year with the show returning after five years.

Instead of one person competing alone inside a Perspex box, the duo will now help each other out.

With two players now entering The Cube, the Body is joined by another unknown masked friend.

While the maximum prize fund has been increased to £ 1 million, which makes the stakes much higher.

Philip is back to shoot the games show after a five-year hiatus

Philip admitted: “You are making changes to a show, in addition to the huge new £ 1m prize, now two players, and wondering, ‘Why weren’t we always doing it this way? “

“Playing The Million Pound Cube could be a mother, and daughter, and brothers, and sisters, and a father, and a father, and a daughter, and it could be any combination because we were looking for people who were in their own bubbles.”

Despite having an extra player inside, The Cube itself is exactly the same as before after it was taken out of the bubble wrap for the new series.

Explaining the changes, Philip said: “Having two teams made it more tense. You have people who argue, people who support and help each other.

“Before I was alone and they had to decide on their own whether or not to play, and now they have someone with them.

“They have also raised their seating family who can also offer encouragement and advice.”

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Philip Schofield is back with some famous friends – including Jason Manford

Due to filming with Covid-19 restrictions, the usual audience has been banned from watching the drama unfold.

Usually they play a big role in increasing tension, but Philip believes the show is stronger without the audience.

Philip explained before the new series: “The audience is awesome, but there are always people coughing, there’s always people stealing packages of potato chips, and you always have someone who sneezes at an inopportune moment.”

“You also have members of the audience who can’t help themselves, or the audience will take a sharp breath when someone is almost completing a game, and you think” Oh no, this helps them. ”

This time during filming the mode was silent. However, when the show comes out it will not be silent because the team will feature the most wonderful tension music. “

Spectators were horrified when the fighting broke out in the air

The all-new series from The Cube was packed with drama this week – which put us on the edge of our seats.

During the Celebrity Specials, viewers were puzzled when the sound dims before it stops completely.

The bug was fixed and ITV apologized for the short lack of audio as the credits expired.

While the show was forced to cut an advertisement during Monday’s episode after two players broke into a bad row.

After competing in a tense game, Adam and John fought fiercely over their mistake that they lost the round.

“This is what happens when you put brothers in the ring,” Phil joked to the camera.

Embarrassingly, the two brothers ended up in a fierce fight and nervous-looking Philip jumped to tell viewers that they’d be back after the break.

* The Million Pound Cube airs every night this week on ITV at 9pm