He finally launched a restaurant in the city center without limits Roast dinner Serve along with a variety of unlimited drinks as well.

With new restrictions across the UK meaning All pubs, bars and restaurants must close at 10 PM, It means going out for breakfast or tea will be more popular than ever.

Thankfully Jimmy’s advertised this thing, available every Sunday from 12 noon until 6 pm, where customers can grab an endless brunch for £ 35 with unlimited drinks including espresso martini, prosecco, pints And a red house.

There’s also unlimited sauces, too.

Located at the top of Bold Street facing St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Jimmy’s is rapidly developing a huge reputation for catering.

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Taking another step forward, her team took to Instagram to announce their new deal. The post reads as follows: “So … sesh day is a new night, we are restricted to groups of 6 but drinks are unlimited if you go unlimited at the barbecue, we close at 10 o’clock all we have to do is set the party hours and have an early night in School night.

“Go endless with the roast on Sundays with a choice of Red House, pints of beer, prosecco or espresso martini. Starting Sunday from 12 to 6 pm.”

Her post received a surprisingly large reaction, with one user commenting: “Oh my God.”

Another said: “Oh my God !!!”

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A third said, “Ooooof.”

Jimmy’s Liverpool was opened in 2019 by brothers George and Jimmy Craig inside the former Cabin Club, ensuring the building’s musical legacy continues.

It’s a favorite in the live music scene, having regularly secured big-name party lists.